A Journey Is More Than Movement from One Place to Another

Journey Essay
A journey is more than movement from one place to another

Although in different forms, journeys are valuable moments in learning life’s lessons.   Ray Bradbury’s science fiction novel, “Fahrenheit 451” focuses on the physical, imaginative and inner journeys, undertaken by the protagonist revealing journey as much more than just movement from one place to another. Bradbury reflects the learning, growth and development of the protagonist and his perceptions of society. It also presents the protagonist’s journey as one of fulfillment and a sense of purpose. Furthermore, it reflects the protagonist’s ability of allowing his mind to travel to new, unexplored ideas.

It is true to say that journeys convey the learning, growth and development of the protagonist and his perceptions and views of society. Bradbury crafts a journey of self-realisation of the protagonist, Guy Montag. “It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed.” At the start of his journey, Montag was a man who adored his job as a fireman, preferring to watch books burn to the ground rather than gain knowledge from them. “You laugh when I haven’t been funny…..You never stop to think what I have asked you.” During the course of his journey, Montag meets Clarisse, the catalyst of his journey. Clarisse was the spark that enabled him to realise how sad and empty his life truly was. Curiosity to seek true happiness was what enabled this journey for Montag. Clarisse asked many questions prompting Montag to contemplate issues that had never mattered to him. “The sun burnt everyday. It burnt time….So if he burnt things with the firemen and the sun burnt time, that meant everything burnt.” After escaping from the corruption of society, Montag began to ponder over the information that he had learned from Clarisse. He came to the conclusion that if both things burnt, then everything burnt. He was determined that one of them had to change. Montag evolved from an...