A Good Friend

Entering   university,I hope I can get a new experience of school life. Though I can’t stay with my old friens,I can meet many new friends and make friends with them. When I took my first lesson, I knew my classmates from different place after listening self introduction each other.We talked about our past life which contains study,senior high school,old classmates or some special snacks.Each student has a particular experience in past life,but now we are in a same college. How fine is it. During the first class, we chated, told stories or jokes. Anyway, we got brief unstanding about new classmates. Roomates maybe my best friends as we are familiar with each other and communicate most of time.
A most impressive classmate I thought is Jane. Jane is not tall, a little thin and she has a short and straight hair, a sweet smiler. We are in a group when having a military training. Once I have no time to buy my breakfast because I could be late for training If I do so. When Jane knew it,she shared half of her sandwich to me and elaborated the importance of breakfast. I felt her kindness though we have been familiar for a short time. We talked everything we thought funny and go to supermarket around school. Sometimes also go to parks to take a walk, enjoy sights. That’s it,we become good fiend.
At times I wonder who is a true friend to me. Someone who has a same interest with me or can give me some advice about my study when I have trouble. I think a good friend is always for you, a person who will help with all your problems. The one you can trust, with all your secrets. And the one who cheer you up. When you are lonely, that is a friend always wait for you.
A friend is a bunch of flowers in your successful days, blooming fou your colorful life. A friend is a ray of sunshine in your failure days,warming your heart and give your courage. A friend is some candys in your sad days, comforting your heart with fun. A friend is a nutual admiration of nayural recognition,...