A. Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth – 12 Years

Assignment 1

Q1. A. There are 4 main areas of development that are all very important from birth to 19 years old.   They are:
· Physical Development
· Social and emotional development
· Intellectual development
· Language development

Each child develops at their own rate, there is a sequence of development that progress from infancy to adulthood.
The sequence of development is the pattern of which a child will progress as he/she gets older   but any child may progress faster or slower than others.

Physical Development (Age 0-3)
· Responding to sound and movement by turning their head
· From sitting with support to sitting upright by themselfs
· Putting their arms out to be picked up
· Starting to walk
· Kneeling down

Social and emotional development (Age 0-3)
· Responding to adults voices and face, especially the mothers
· Enjoys games and playing with other children or adults
· Love to perform infront of an audience and please adults
· Wanting to do things for theirselfs

Intellectual Development (Age 0-3)
· They do impressions of others
· Becoming more confident with themselfs but still needs adult guidence

Language Development (Age 0-3)
· Making happy sounds (laughing etc.)
· Babbling sounds
· Putting single words together as a phrase
· Putting words together to make a sentence

Physical Development (Age 3-7)
· Jumps
· Hops
· Skips
· Pedals
· Catch and throw a ball
· Kick a ball

Social and emotional development (Age 3-7)
· Making friends
· Becoming self motivated and more confident

Intellectual Development (Age 3-7)
· Begins to understand some differences in aspects of life
· Understands a few simple instructions
Language Development (Age 3-7)
· Grammar becomes more accurate
· Can use pitch and tone when talking

Physical Development (Age 7-12)
· Can run
· Jump
· Hit ball
· Climb and swing
· Skip

Social and emotional development (Age 7-12)
· Although becoming more depentant, they still look for...