A Dissection of the “Boondock Saints"

A Dissection of the Boondock Saints
The theme of this film is ideas.   The true subject is moral statements.   The film is about doing something where the means are wrong but the end is justified.   If I had to use a single word to describe this film it would be justice.   The comment or statement made is actually done in the film by detective Becker when he goes drunk into a confessional.   He states that he is a man of the law who is tired of criminals getting away because of all the red tape in his profession and he feels the need for these two brothers who deal with this problem with an iron fist but is torn as to whether to help or not.   Are these brothers really doing the right thing?   One sentence to summarize the idea of the film would be, if you could kill one person to save the lives of countless others would you, and how far would you take it?  
In this film the director’s primary aim would be creating a moral or philosophical riddle for the viewer to ponder.   The very beginning of the film starts out with a priest telling a story of a girl who was stabbed to death while bystanders did nothing, how the worst crime is the indifference of good men.   They are later asked by their friend, Rocco; how they know what they are doing is right.   They ask their father in the end how far they are going to take it.   He in turn says the question is not how far the question is, do you possess the constitution the depth of faith to go as far as needed.
The films basic appeal is to the moral sense.   It is aimed primarily at the viscera (blood and guts).   Some scenes to support this are the scene in the hotel room where they fall through the ceiling causing a blood bath when they take out a whole crime syndicate, and the scene after they get wounded trying to escape one of the places they have just hit.   They are tending to each other’s wounds by burning them with an iron.  
The theme of this film is a universal one.   Many people around the world are tired of the...