A Change

A   Change


Review the Obama Plan on healthcare and summarize the plan. Additionally identify which areas you agree with and/or and explain your position using peer-reviewed journals and the text to support your position. Will congress be able to overcome such difference and, if not what suggestions do you have for President Obama on a bi-partisan approach to health.

A change has got to come unto the Americans is what President Obama brought to the American people through his campaign. (Dissent Magazine, pg.1)   Many supported this change while, many went against the fact that we needed a change. The word change is what got President Obama the seat in the white house and his ideas were off the roof. Again, many still questioned Obama and the way he was going to run the office of being the President of the United States. Obama foretold the people in congress, the citizens and other nations who were listening that change; don’t just appear over night that it would take time. Time would consist of a lot of long nights, decision making, and dotting out eyes or crossing T’s. He also stated that many would oppose to some of the decisions that he would make but he would work until the change would take effect. If you looks at what has happened to what has went on you will see that congress has fought against everything that Obama has brought to the table for them to look at. It makes you wonder will they accept him or will they continue to make themselves look guilty. You asked me what I think, well I think they need to cut him some slack because if the health reform causes death then let it be because no one has been brave enough to say that the war that Busch caused has played a part in what is going on. If you even thought about it for a second you would see that his intentions was to take away the Social Security and Medicare period for the   elderly and not only that but to give them nothing in return. At least Obama is giving them some kind of hope to...