A Brief Introduction to the Advantage of Charcoal Briquette Press Machine

The products made by charcoal briquette press machine are of two primary ingredients (comprising about 90% of the final product) and several minor ones. One of the primary ingredients, known as char, is basically the traditional charcoal, as described above. It is responsible for the briquette's ability to light easily and to produce the desired wood-smoke flavor. The most desirable raw material for this component is hardwoods such as beech, birch, hard maple, hickory, and oak. Some manufacturers also use softwoods like pine, or other organic materials like fruit pits and nut shells.

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Biomass charcoal briquette is made by advanced charcoal briquette press machine. After the processing of drying, compressing under the high pressure and temperature, the biomass briquette is characterized by high density, small in size, better combustion, capable as the substitute for the superior coal or firewood. The bio-fuel carbon maintains the cleanliness and hygiene, and is suitable for family heating and barbecuing. There is a huge need in the international market of charcoal briquette press machine, for it is capable as the substitute for the superior coal or heavy oil to the Industrial steam boiler, or the industrial raw material for the further processing into the activated carbon, mosquito coils and explosives. Carbonation is the key point for charcoal production, here are many different ways of carbonation, which can be divided into two categories: internal combustion, distillation can be used. Because of different carbonization process requirements, carbonization temperature should be 550-600℃, early warming should be carried out slowly, kiln should be 15 hours, machine kiln should be 2-3 hours. Long heating time early can prevent raw material rod being affected with damp and cracking. And ensure the carbonation quality.
Most retort based industrial systems can allow the smoke given off during carbonisation to be...