A Bengali Documentary Summery

Shei Rater Kotha Boltey Asheychy
The tale of the darkest night
Direction – Kawsar Chowdhury

25th march, 1971 is the night when West Pakistani armed forces attempted to suppress and destroy the voices of innocent, unarmed Bengalis. They also intended to impose own self-made unfair and partial rules on the East-Pakistani people. In order to apply their brutal blueprint of murder and abuse, they conceded the shameful “Operation- Search Light.” During that crucial night, numerous amounts of academics, intellectuals, students and common men and women and even children and old citizens clinched to death. The operation that night was centered in all over Dhaka city including Dhamondi, Bongsal,
Dhaka University area etc. People brutally killed that night left their family members, relatives to bear the mark and pain of their immense looses. Since the liberation in 1971, many stories relating to Pak-army cruelty have been brought to light through different forms of media. Although, a lot of facts are yet to be uncovered due to multiple limitations till date as such political ground, social barriers and instable democratic scenario. Mostly, many victims still do not want to speak of their sufferings; hence they prefer to bear and tackle these silently.

The documentary based on the genocide that night titled “Shei Rater Kotha Boltey Asheychy”, directed by Kawsar Chowdhury intensely portrays some of the untold episodes of sufferings, done by the then living army in a planned way. This film has presented a wide range of individuals who witnessed the killings of the defenseless people of the East Pakistan and some of them fortunately managed to escape the attack with minor injuries. They speak of their terrible experiences in this film. A good number of teachers of Dhaka University were attacked and killed by the Pakistani forces. Dr Jyotirmoy Guha Thakurta was one of them. As Meghna Guha Thakurta, his daughter, describes, “The crying and begging did not stop the...