A Balancing Act

A Balancing Act
Balance implies two opposing forces that reach “equilibrium.” This is not easy to do. I remember as a kid trying to balance on a seesaw.   I remember being more up and down than ever being level.   Life tends to throw us curve balls because we are either working hard or playing hard.   But when are we ever balanced?   So when people refer to life just being too busy, it probably isn’t because they are having too much fun or too little, it’s usually because life is just out of whack.   It isn’t balanced.
Maybe balance is not the solution.   What could help the balance of my life? Answer: Incorporation.
When seeking balance, we begin by asking ourselves, “What is most important at this moment, and what needs to change?” The key is to make an intentional choice for a balanced and content life, first by looking at what could be possible. When we are in balance, we feel as though we have that choice, that we are in “the driver’s seat and in control”, and we can choose to see from new perspectives.
Some folks prefer “living in the fast lane”, enjoying the most active life possible. Others are at the point where they want to slow the pace, perhaps dedicate more time to their family, a personal goal, or life-long dream. Personal Balance is unique for each individual.
Finding ways of balancing your work and personal life together is always challenging. Once this is accomplished, you free up more time, you gain new interests, and your life becomes whole. An example is the dream that I have to play golf on a weekly basis.   How I plan to accomplish this task is to finish school, get a new higher paying job, and then I can have that time, that school took, to focus on golf.
How can I begin to balance the pieces of my life?
First, I need to look at what my interests are. Secondly, I need to look at my schedule and determine when and where I can put these activities, which will require great thinking outside the box.   Lastly, I need to have the will power to...