Understand the organisation’s requirement in relation to team performance
Outline the organisations requirements of the team in line with company policy.
Under the auspice of leading better care through the Scottish government, CQIs (Clinical quality indications) were put in place to improve performance of 3 certain areas. The area I have chosen is falls. NHS Grampians requirement for CQIs is for the audit results to be above 95% however always aiming for 100%. As a team our requirement is to run in the high 90%s in order to boost the overall results for NHS Grampian. The organisation require us as a team to always ensure our audits are up to date and submitted into the database correctly. They require us to always have a pass for the audits to ensure the overall organisationals mark is a pass.
Outline the team’s objectives in achieving organisational targets.
When CQIs were introduced in May 2009, weekly audits were carried out on patients’ falls paperwork until 9 consecutive weeks of 95% or above are achieved then the audits were reduced to monthly. This information is logged on a national database called lanQIP. Reports can be run by anyone with access to this database. The team’s objective is 100% however the organisation feels that 95% shows that a reliable process is in place.   Another target set by the organisation is for the sick level to be below 4%. This is a national requirement also. By each department monitoring the sick level in their area they are helping meet the organisational target.
Explain how individual performance of team members affects the overall performance of the team.
During the audit process different parts of the documentation paperwork are looked at. Certain forms have to be completed within a certain timeframe.   If staff have failed to meet the timeframe this will be detrimental to the results for the length of that patient’s admission. When a patient deteriorates or improves paperwork is altered and at times care plans change....