8-16 Years Development

                                                0-8 YEARS CHILD DEVELOPMENT      
PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Physical development is described in two areas, namely gross motor skills and fine motor skills.
Gross motor skills: The ability of humans to use two legs and walk involves the whole body .These whole –body movements are described as gross motor skills. Examples   :Crawling ,walking alone ,rides a two wheeled bicycle.
Fine motor skills : The use of the hands in coordination with the eyes allows human beings to   perform very delicate procedures with their fingers. These manipulative aspects of physical development are called fine motor skills. They include aspects of vision and fine and delicate movements .The development of vision takes place alongside the development of fine motor skills.
  Newborn : Newborn babies is brain is not mature enough to control skilled movement.
Development starts at his or her head then moves down the body so newborn baby can control his mouth ,face , lips and tongue and the rest follows in time.

1months gross motor skills: (Iying face down)The baby lies with its head to one side but can   now lift its head to change position. The legs are bent, no longer tucked under the body.(Iying on the back)The head is on one side .The arm and leg on the side the head is facing will stretch out.   Sitting,the back is a complete curve when the baby is held in sitting position.
1months fine motor skills and vision:The baby gazes attentively at carer’s face while being fed , spoken to or during any caring routines.The baby grasps a finger or other object placed in the hand.The hands are   usually closed.
3months gross motor skills;(Iying face down)The baby can now lift up the head and chest supported on the elbows ,forearms and hands.(Iying on the back)The baby usually lies with the head in a central position. There are smooth, continuous movements of the arms and legs. The baby waves the arms symmetrically and brings hands together over the body ....