7 Pounds

Seven Pounds and The Pursuit of Happiness
1. Choose any two similar movies that have been released in the last 10 years. The movies must have significant character development. Thoroughly describe the plots, main characters, and settings of both movies. (2-3 paragraphs for each movie.)
I chose the movies Seven Pounds, and The Pursuit of Happiness. They both star the famous actor Will Smith as the main character. Will Smith plays a very strong character in both films.
In the movie Seven Pounds, Will Smith plays a man named Tim, who realizes that he can change the lives of seven people. He knows that he can change the lives of people that range from being blind, to a girl on the organ donor lists. He feels that these people deserve a second chance at life. Through the entire movie, he only wants to help these seven people. He has no intentions of falling in love with any of those seven, but he ends up falling for a woman that is on a donor list who is in need of a heart. He gives up absolutely everything; which includes his life, just to help her. The story takes place in an urban neighborhood and in different parts of Los Angeles, California.  
This movie is a long one but it is a good one in my opinion. It starts off with Tim getting into a car crash that kills seven people, so in exchange he feels that he can make things right by helping others by donating his organs. Seven Pounds puts off a calm setting in most of the movie, but it also puts off a dramatic edge at times. I feel that it is very realistic, and it shows how a simple Average Joe becomes very humble and only wants to help others even though he has never met some of them before.
The second film I watched was The Pursuit of Happiness, and that also start Will Smith as the main character. In this movie Will Smith plays a guy named Chris. Chris has a wife named Linda and a five year old son that is named Christopher. The story begins in San Francisco, California, and Chris sells X-Ray machines...