650 Hsc Level 5

Understand professional management and leadership in health and social care or children and young people’s settings

Task A

Create a magazine or web article suitable for practitioners who aspire to become leaders or managers.

Your article must

• explain the difference between leadership and management

The leadership role is an inevitable reflection of people's needs and challenges in modern life. Leadership is therefore a profound concept, with increasingly complex implications, driven by an increasingly complex and fast-changing world.

Leadership and management are frequently seen as the same thing, which they are not. Leadership is also misunderstood to mean directing and instructing people and making important decisions on behalf of an organization. Effective leadership is much more than these.

* Leadership is mostly about behaviour. Good leaders are followed primarily because people trust and respect them, rather than the skills they possess. Leadership is about behaviour first, skills second.

* Management is mostly about processes. Management controls or directs people and resources in a group according to principles or values that have been established.

• describe a range of leadership theories

Over time, several core theories about leadership have emerged. These theories fall into four main categories:

* Trait theories.

* Behavioural theories.

* Contingency theories.

* Power and influence theories.

Trait-based theoretical models of effective leadership draw on the idea that great leaders have certain common character traits.

A trait is therefore a characteristic or quality of human behaviour. We might also consider traits to be aspects of attitude or personality. Human beings possess very many personality traits, in unlimited combinations. Trait theory attempts to analyse effective combinations of human personality traits, thereby suggesting or identifying a set of human traits that enable a person to lead...