5p2 Trangenic Species

5P2 Transgenic Species – use and ethical issues
To identify examples of the use of transgenic species and use available evidence to debate issues.
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The three transgenic species include golden rice, gaur and the strawberries with salmon genes.
Ethical Issue | For | Against |
Environment and NatureIs it ethical to interfere with nature? | Many new discoveries are considered to be a threat at first. E.g. nuclear power but can be used to benefit society and the environment. If we are able to produce products that are of benefit it would be unethical not to develop them. |     * Is it wrong to play God and tamper with nature?   * Biodiversity is upset as variation in the gene pool is lowered; this may lead to mass extinction of wild and/or modified species.   * We may be changing the natural processes of evolution   * Is it ethical to mix the genetic material of humans with that of other organisms? |
Financial and social justice issues Is it ethical to put a price on (for people to own or patent, for personal gain) genetically modified products, thereby giving only a select group access to these (and denying access to those who cannot afford them)? |     * We could create crops that are more drought- tolerant/resistant to pests and have higher yield; this is cost effective since the quality improves and less money needs to be spent.(e.g. on pesticides)   * Financial gain is essential – money can be put back into further research |     * People in the third world countries may not be able to afford or have access to beneficial GM products, so they may fall even further behind developed countries, widening the poverty gap even more.   * Patenting and ownership of certain genes or species |
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