517 Person Centred Care

unit 517  
1.1 and 1.2   Person-centred practices are used with individuals, teams and organisations. By working in this way, we can ensure that individuals are listened to and are kept at the heart of the decision-making. Person-centered practices ensure that we all work together and focus on what matters to the individuals we support and their families, and also pay attention to how to support your staff. Person-centred-practice is all about focusing on the individuals needs. All individuals have different likes, dislikes, needs, wishes and choices. You need to spend time with the individual accessing what they can or can't do for themselves. You need to take all aspects into consideration such as, eating and drinkling, mobility, life history, religion, communication and medical conditions. Person-centred values must be applied at all times as it is about the individuals and what they want. They way i see it is that individuals have their own minds and can make their own choices with the exceptence of individuals that lack the capacity to make those choices and decisions for themselves. In that case you have to act in the individuals best interests.
Person-centred practice is very important to me as it enables the individuals i support to have their say and be able to be involved in the important decision-making concerning their care and support.
Person-centred care is not just about giving people what they want or providing information. It is about considering individuals desires, values, social circumstances, family situations and lifestyles. Its about seeing the individual as who they are, and working together to develop appropriate solutions. Also being respectful, considering the individuals point of view and compassion are all important.
The British Association for the Person-Centred Approach (BAPCA) is an organisation that promotes and embraces the person-centred way-of-being: the striving to create relationships based on empathetic understanding and...