513 Manage Health and Scocila Care

Manage Health and Social Care Practice to Ensure Positive Outcomes for Individuals.
Explain outcome based practice.
The health and social care is moving towards outcome based service sometimes called outcome management.
An outcome describes a measurable impact of the service of on a person’s life. Each person is an individual who has different needs and goals. An outcome ‘one size fits all ‘approach.   This approach is no longer used thanks to our knowledge and understandings now.   This has changed the way services are designed delivered commissioned and evaluated. A useful tool that can be used is action learning sets. It will encourage and support changes. Key people will get together and discuss, plan and iron out any issues.
Outcome management is a user- centric approach for the assessment of programs that are based on user needs and designed to achieve change. The frame work focuses on the benefits of the programme to the client outcomes instead the inputs. It looks at the effectiveness of the programme through the achievement of client changes and success. It puts the need of the client first. Implementing outcome management requires planning for a programme with the end goal in mind. The planner should have a clear understanding of the client and the community and what specific changes are required by the client. This enables the programme to identify critical steps that the client needs in order to achieve the change in behaviour, knowledge, skills condition or status.
The point of the Outcome management is to enable the organisation to perform to its highest possible level while focusing on the results you want to achieve.
In health and social care an Outcome based management would be. Our residential home working towards gaining in excellence in its CQC rating. This would mean we were giving the best possible good quality care to our residents and are as safe as they could be, our staff would be trained to a high standard.   We had worked...