502 Promote Development

  1. Understanding principles of professional development.

1:1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice.
Improving my personal development benefits not only the company I work for, my staff, the clients who I care for and my own skills. It enables me to keep up to date with my knowledge and skills and I can change proactively to make sure that the service we offer is appropriate and relevant to care for our client’s . Our client’s must be confident that they can trust the people that they receive the care from and that they know what they are doing and they do it well. Improving knowledge and practice makes everyone involved in the care happy as they know they are up to date on all changes involved in the care.
I am responsible and communicate with others such as staff, my clients, the client’s families and visitors and all joint professionals involved in the care so it is imperative that I am knowledgeable in all areas of management to enable me to manage effectively and within the legislations set out by the CQC.
Continuing my professional development has been important for my career and has and will continue to help me progress and gain the promotion I have had within my company.

1:2 Anaylse potential barriers to professional development.

Motivation is a fundamental part of nearly everything we do.   External factors can drive motivation and change behaviour, for example, the provision of incentives or penalties imposed as part of regulatory checks. Internal factors, such as individuals, self-motivation, drive and desire to improve are very important too. Intentions and goals can impact on how much people want to change. Their priorities and commitments may also interfere with their ability to change.
Acceptance and beliefs an individual’s personal beliefs and attitudes impact significantly on the way they behave.
Perceptions of the benefits of any proposed change...