501 Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication

501 use and develop systems that promote communication
Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role
As manager of the service a large proportion of my working day is problem solving.
I need to communicate effectively with colleagues, individuals that use the service, family and friends of those using the service, advocates and other external agencies i.e. residential managers, health professionals, social services.
Daily handover gives all colleagues the opportunity to raise any pertinent issues a free discussion where all have the chance to express themselves. Minutes of weekly staff minutes are signed by all staff to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that points raised are actioned.
I spend time listening and responding to queries raised by individuals that use the service using appropriate methods of communication.  
It is important that all that use the service have their individual communication requirements monitored and supported i.e. visual prompts, hearing aids, signing.
Communication books keep family informed of daily happenings, also an opportunity to inform family members of any behavioural changed noticed, upcoming dates etc. all family are welcome to call or visit and discuss any matters that they feel appropriate.
Other professionals are invited to regular service reviews, visit where appropriate and generally kept informed of service changes. When necessary I communicate directly with service purchaser to inform them of changes in need etc. first by telephone then follow with an email.
It is important to my job role that all communication is clear, concise and informative I need to be able to cascade information to interested parties to ensure the service provided is supportive and relevant. While ensuring that confidentiality is respected.
I support effective communication within the workplace by ensuring that time is allowed for effective hand over, all staff are aware of the importance of the...