4323-042 Witness Statement Supporting Individual Eating and Drinking.

Unit: 4323-042 Witness statement supporting individual eating and drinking.
Observation: 20/10/15.  
At Dinner time I washed my hand before to start to ask every patient, and I put my blue apron on.   I went to the trolley as I did at Lunch time to check all the food available.   I have been asking one by one patient about what they want to eat?   I gave them different options as their needs.
With my blue apron on, I went to the patient’s room number 2.   I knocked on the door before entering the room.   I told the patient that her dinner is ready.   The patient asked to put the tray on the table, so I cleaned the table and make sure it was in good level and clean for patients safer.   I offered the patient to wash her hands before She ate.   The patients say yes, so I helped to her to go to wash her hands and I gave her towels to dry her hand as well.   The patient went back to the chair. I put the table close to her.   She started to eat very comfortable in her chair.
When she finished her dinner, I removed the tray from the table and cleaned it. I gave the tray to the housekeeper.   I offered to clean her hands again and he says no thanks, She asked me about wipes.   I gave her wipes and She cleaned her hands.   I offered a cup of tea or coffee as well and she said no thanks, maybe latter before bed.   She remained in the chair and started to read a newspaper.

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