4222-303 Nvq 3

4222-303                                                                                                                       NVQ 3

Explain what is meant by:
Diversity- This simply means that people are different from each other. There are many reasons people differ from one another, they could present as physical differences such as the style of clothing or hair a person chooses to have. Each will tell you something about the person. Other differences can be much harder to see though, for instance someone’s religion or beliefs. Culture and up bringing will play a major part in how someone may be different to others, as well as which race a person is. Even someone’s age group may distinguish them from others in the work setting. In Heddfan we also have clients with a range of different conditions and abilities. Diversity is a good thing in the care environment and on larger world wide scales. It teaches people to be tolerant and encourages us to learn from one another.
Equality- Equality is a philosophy and belief that people of all races and creeds deserve the same rights and quality of life as all humans on the planet no matter what your race or religion. It is a way of ensuring the world is a fairer place and not dominated or controlled by people in power who resist diversity. Equality has not and is not always easy. Many cultures have had to fight for their rights and in many countries in the world equality does not exist in any form. Equality in the care environment is vital, there must be tolerance and understanding if carers have any hope of providing quality care to services users.
Inclusion- inclusion is important as it shows that no matter how diverse people may be we can still work together to achieve common goals. It is about being tolerate and non-judgemental with others and accepting people for who they are rather than for their race or religion. Tolerance is key to this, you may not agree with others beliefs or religions but you can...