401develop & Implement Effective Communication Systems

Unit 401
Develop & Implement Effective Communication Systems for Health and Safety Information
4.1 Explain how to develop and implement effective communication systems for health and safety information.
With this unit try to include references to your company organisation structure from the health & safety policy. How would you know that the flow of information was successful? If you read assessment criteria 2.1 you will see it is asking you to develop various systems to communicate relevant information for. Use your knowledge of this process to develop your statement.
Within my organisation and before my involvement with Health and Safety at a higher, level there did exist a company organisation structure, this structure however did not particularly provide any relevance to the responsibility of H&S. ( ref 16 H&S Policy )This is now changing and a clear structure is being put in place so that all employees throughout the business understand their responsibilities and that they have someone to communicate with at all levels throughout the business. Refer to Ref21 Organisational Structure
The company Health and Safety Policy did exist within the business but again it was clear that changes were required in order for this policy to be effective and to ensure that everyone understood what the policy actually meant to them .I felt that I had to put procedures into place for example company inductions ( refer to ref 22). This is an excellent way of delivering a clear message of both the company H&S policy and to provide a clear message to new employees of what we expect as an organisation but also what we expect of them. To ensure that I know the message is getting across I like to ask the new employees of their experiences and what knowledge they have for all aspects of Health & Safety.
Health & Safety needs to be an integral part of the companys   culture and of course it is important that this is communicated . I was concerned that we...