4-Mat Mcminn

A 4-MAT Review, Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling


      In conjunction with The American Association of Christian Counselor and Tyndale House Publishers, Mark McMinn wrote: Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian counseling (1996).   McMinn has tried to integrate psychology and theology and it seeks to explore how to utilize spiritual disciplines in the counseling techniques of psychotherapy. He shows the importance of integrating prayer, forgiveness, redemption, restitution, and worship into the techniques of helping a counselee.
Many counselors deeply want to help their client and they lack the ability to incorporate Christian principles in to the therapeutic relationship.   McMinn addresses this issue and he helps by showing practical ways in learning how to use spiritual disciplines. By providing the definitions and how psychology, theology, and spirituality are similar yet also have their differences.   He show how a counselor can learn to multitask these three disciplines, and when a counselor begins to learn to utilizing these categories into counseling it can be rewarding for the counselor and their counselee.   McMinn provides a model for healing that begins with having a healthy sense of self, and it than moves into the brokenness of a client’s needs, it then moves into the final step in building a healthy relationship with God and others individuals.
Prayer is vital in both the counselors’ life and for the counselee. McMinn shows the different types of prayer that the counselor can incorporate.   Prayer is a way of meditation and listening to God. By spending time with Him a counselor can not only deepen their own personal relationship with God but can also ask for prayer and guidance for the clients. By educating your clients on how to prayer can be beneficial but needs to be done in a way that will not block a client from sharing emotional issues.
McMinn points out that the Scriptures are...