312 Answers

1.1 Q46 What hazardous materials or products are on this site? Eg Fluorescent/energy saving lamps, cutting compound, asbestos, plasterboard?   Fluorescent Lamps are used on this site, electronic ballasts are used on site and we have to cut plasterboard
1.1 Q47 How did you handle, store or dispose of these? We have a special bin for tubes, wee container for old electronics and we wear gloves, masks and glasses while working with cutting plasterboard
1.1 Q48 Was a site survey carried out before work started? We always produce site surveys before work on any site and risk assessments produced
1.1 Q49 Is there an asbestos register? No as there no asbestos present
1.1 Q50 What Act or Regulation is relevant? HASAWA 1974, EAWR,
1.2 Q51 What part of the building Regulations did you consider? Eg Part A - structure (holes drilled chases in walls), Part B- Fire rated equipment Part E – Acoustic, Part F – ventilation, Part L - energy efficiency, Part M - mounting heights. PARTS A B E F L &M
1.3 Q52 Does the Guide for sustainable homes influence your installation (insulation values, pollution)? Yes
1.3 Q53 What environmental hazards could occur on this site? Eg dust, fumes, spillages etc. Dust from drilling wood and plasterboard
1.3 Q54 How would you report them? Verbally and on hazard report
1.3 Q55 Who would you report them to? Supervisor
2.1 Q56 On this site what have you done to help reduce material wastage? Eg prefab bends, not leaving ends too long, modular systems. We used pre-fab conduit bends we also make sure we don’t leave ends too long we also use modular systems
2.1 Q57 How is materials/equipment stored safely and securely? We have a site stores
2.1 Q58 How did efficient cable routing eliminate waste? By meaning we didn’t have to use too many materials. We worked out the shortest safest route
2.2 Q59 On this site what environmentally materials have you used? Eg Long life lamps, LEDs, ‘A’ rated appliances. LED lamps long life lamps
2.2 Q60 What...