307 Level 3

1.1The data protection act 1998 is a law for the safety of personal data. Which means people have the right to information wrote about them including doctor hospital, social services and care notes. However no personal information can be obtained about anybody else.
The free dom information act 2000 is a law for people to have access to information
held by local and national health services
Care s tandards act 2000 is an act that covers the standard of care that a person is
entitled care sector .which all care agencies from private to public must adhere to
The Mental Health Act 1983 is a law that covers the reception, care and treatment of mentally disorder ed persons, the management of their property and other r elated matters In particular it provides the way which people diagnosed with a mental health disorder ca n be detained in hospital or police cust ody and ha v e their disorder assessed or tr eated against their wishes unofficiall y known as sectioning
1.2The legal r equirements and codes of practice are set out to aid a care worker b y helping them to keep information safe and secure and to help gi v e accurate accounts of the da y and to giv e   fact not opinion when detailing the information also to have evidence based not just opinion when reporting what has happened or what the y did differ ent ways to help others to understand the importance of securely handling information is by ha ving a discussion explain wh y and how important these things are t o provide the correct level of car e or by having   training in the sector of hum an rights cov ering the la ws and codes of conduct also having posters and leaflets with easy read to provide the correct information requir ed
2.1To help others to underst and the different systems used to record information you can show previous records to show details required how it works and explain why w e use the system.to give accurate information and how this is used and store d to make it secure Guidelines to...