302 Task a

Assignment 302 Task A
  * Reflective practice means that we need to think and evaluate what we do in our work, This can be focusing on the way we interact with other work colleagues and service users, It can also help generate new knowledge and ideas which as a result you can modify your actions, behavior,   treatments and learning needs.
  * It is important to carry out reflective practice in our jobs as it is an opportunity to look at what you have done and see areas that you may need to improve on.
  * If workers think about what they are doing and how they can make anything better they will improve their own work therefore they will improve the service provision.
  * Standards are used as guidelines that all social care workers should be adhering to , each time a job is completed they can compare that they have met all the standards   and they are giving their best and if the standards are not met then these are the areas they need to improve on.
  * It is important to receive feedback on your performance as a social care worker as it gives you an idea on the areas you work well and the areas you may need to improve on.
  * People react differently to feedback whether   it is positive feedback or negative feedback as it depends on the way it is relayed to them .
  * Feedback gives you an insight to the areas you need to improve and any areas you may need further training on and this can be arranged or you may be given the information required to improve.