302 Safeguarding

Dental Nursing 5234: Unit 302 safeguarding project
Safeguarding Project

Safeguarding is protecting vulnerable adults or children from abuse or neglect.
It means making sure people are supported to get good access to health care and stay well.
It is wrong if vulnerable people are not treated by professionals with the same respect as other patients.
The law says a vulnerable adult is person who is or may need help with their personal care because of their mental health, other disabilities, age and illness.
Other people can be at risk are people with learning disabilities, who may live alone and can be venerable to abuse or bullying.

Employers must still make sure they do not employ bad staff or volunteers to care for vulnerable adults and children. They should make sure that staff and volunteers have a       Police Check before they are left to work alone with vulnerable adults and children.
If an organisation has sacked or planned to sack a member of staff or volunteer who has left because they have harmed a child or vulnerable adult, they must tell the Independent Safeguarding Authority straight away.

Safeguarding should make sure that people get the support they need to make the most of their lives and get their full equal rights, so when something seems unusual while being at work it should be reported straightaway.

As a dentist or as a dental nurse, sometimes you could come across of some abuse while working, for example, a mom comes in with their 5 your old boy, the child was due for some extractions, as the child sits on the chair sees the dentist with the instruments and starts panicking and crying a lot, the dentist tries to talk with the child, but the child wouldn't listen and scared, continues crying, the mom starts shouting and the child crying even more, the dentist at this point decides to stop, as this is not helping at all the child, starts advising the mom they had to talk at home, when the dentist tells the child they could...