302 Adult Social Care

Principles of personal development in adult social care settings

Understanding how to reflect on practice in adult social care 1.1-1.4
Reflective practice is reviewing your own actions.   You constantly review your thoughts and actions and evaluate their effictness.   By deeply thinking about your actions you are most able to perform at the best of your ability.   Reflective practice is important as in the fast paced care industy frequently standard and good practice are often being updated and amended.   If over time you continuw to work the same as you always have you will fall behind on progression.   By reviewing constantly you will continue to improve and provide the best standard of care.  
Everyone has their own values and beliefs.   These are often built up from how we have been raised.   The beliefs and values of family and friends.   The environment yoe been brought up in and how diverse your community is.   As a person who was brought up in a very rural environment where there was very limitied diversity I feel I have very open minded thoughts.   I have no feelings of discrimination about peoples beliefs or culture.   This however in an adult social care setting can cause issues between residents.   I have witnessed ressidents making comments about other memebers of staff and residents.   I find this difficult to understand myself however I am aware that over time our country has cahaned and although I do not agree with racist comments I can understand why they come about.   In that situation I can only diffuses the situations.

Understanding the importance of feedback in improving own practice 2.1-2.3
Feedback to improve own practice is vital to continue to work at a high standard.   Without someone being honest and looking at your actions it would be very easy to fall behind on standards.   Feedback provides information to allow to access needs for training.   Knwoin which areas need improving will allow to target the weaker areas.   Feedback also...