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BAssignment 301

Principles of communication in adult social care settings

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Task A Question and Answers

Ai   Identify four different reasons why people communicate

People can use communication to express themselves or their feelings
It can be used to share and receive information
As a way of getting to know someone and building a relationship
To gain or receive attention

Aii. Describe two ways how effective communication can affect relationships in an adult social care setting between individuals using the service, their carers, colleagues and other practitioners

Effective communication can be used to build relationships between individuals. It is a way of getting to know people and of building trust and understanding. It can be used in the care setting to obtain background history and information from all who are involved in the individuals wellbeing. It can be used to acknowledge people and give reassurance and praise. Through effective communication, the individual would be able to express their needs or feelings, likes and dislikes, thus preventing frustration or the feeling of becoming isolated. This can be done through various different methods of communication such as; verbal, hand gestures, body language, expression or translation. Opinions and concerns can also be shared between the individual, their carers, colleagues and practitioners. It can be a way of discussing and putting into practice ideas and effective ongoing care planning.
Effective communication in the work place can also create a more positive attitude among staff in turn making them happier in the workplace and more willing.

Aiii   Identify three ways of finding out the communication and language needs of an individual. For each method, describe how effective it is at establishing the needs of the individual

Aiv. Describe three factors to consider when promoting effective communication...