3 Be Able to Exchange Information Within Networks

3 Be able to exchange information within networks
3.1 Agree the information required by network members
Agreeing the information required by network members is important as this would come down to the agreement that I have with the network. As I work with certain networks it is very important for me to share the right information they need form the clients that I say. For example when working with Learn direct they have their goals that need meeting and so does my company. For us to work together as a team we have to agree on smart goals in order to identify and agree on a common purpose. We agree on terms such as:
- Each client personal goal and the time limit they are given
- The barriers that are causing the client form gaining an achievement
- How I myself as an advisor will work with my client to achieve their and mine tasks
By agreeing on this information it has allowed us to understand what the network would like and how by me achieving my goals it helps them to achieve their task at the same time.  
Gaining information of clients before they start a course is very crucial from my part because they have to give me the information before we can share it with Learn direct. The agreement between me and the client once they have signed the declaration shows how happy they are with the information I have provided to them this also gives me permission from the clients to be able to share it with other networks.
Most of the information Learn direct need from my clients is there occupation, contact details, there undoing and why they would like to do the course. This way the client is aware of the information that is going to be share with Learn direct before the course is started.
A recent example of this is when I saw a client and got them to fill out a data capture form for a maths and English course they were intertested in. The form they have to fill in for National Careers Service is alos then used for Learndirect and this is how there...