3 Almost Impossible Conceptual Art Proposals.

Conceptual art is all about the idea so it doesn't matter if these projects don't become actualized, but it would certainly be cool if they do.   But sometimes it's better when an idea stays virtual because it's most idealized form and structure are what's presented in the mind.  

1. I want to take a bus, bend it, and get rid of the head and the tail by connecting the two parts together so it becomes a shape of a donut and roll it down a mountain.

2.   I think babies are the most “aggressive” and “violent” of all humans.   They kick, cry, bite, and punch more often than adults do.   We learn to grow out of this chaotic phase as we age and become more rationalized.   Also, it’s debatable whether or not humans are programmed by evolution to naturally be afraid of heights (from the moment we are able to perceive things). So   I want to put two babies in a gallery and place them on a 30 feet pedestal and give each of them a knife and see if (a). they would kill each other. (b). whether or not they would fall off.

3.   I want to take the last member of any given species that is on the verge of going completely extinct, put it in a glass container and place it in an art gallery and just leave it there and not feed it until it starves to death and its body decomposes.   This would reveal the process and the beauty of death and the spectators could witness the disappearance of an entire species.