2844 - Lead Person Centred Practice

2844 – Lead Person Centred Practice

  1. Explain person centred practice

  Person centred practice is ensuring the individual and their needs are the focus at all times, recognising that each individual has different needs, wishes, choices, preferences etc and you need to spend time with that individual to learn about them including help in assessing what they can do for themselves and what areas they may require support.   Effective person centred practice ensures all aspects of an individual are respected and taken into account including their dietary preferences, mobility, religion, communication, medical conditions etc.   There are many positive values integral in person centred practice which should be respected at all times recognising that each individual has their own ‘mind’ and can make their own choices, with relevant and accessible support available and provided to ensure this.   Through peson centred practice it helps ensure the individuals has their own independence, valuing individual differences, preferences etc whilst also respecting their dignity and privacy as it is an individual’s right to be treated fairly at all times without fear of discrimination.
  Person centred practice helps support and care for a person as an individual, putting them at the centre of all decision making seeking input and showing value to family, friends, other agencies to develop an overall view of the individual and their families at the heart of all decisions.   This area also covers keeping the choice of the individual firmly in their own hands, providing support, guidance and assistance in taking and keeping control of their own lives. This helps recognise the importance to respect that each individual is assumed to have capacity unless it is proved otherwise through a formal assessment process involving appropriately trained agencies. He or she must be able to understand the information relevant to the decision, retain the information, use the information as...