25th Hour

25th Hour is a Spike Lee film about a Monty (played by Ed Norton), a convicted drug dealer celebrating his last day of freedom before facing a 7 year sentence in prison.
As we all know, Spike Lee loves to throw in his race/hate rant scenes, this turning out to be definitely one of the greatest i've ever seen. Similar to the one in Do the Right Thing, except this covers more of New York which was risky to do at that time being not too long after 9-11. Ed Norton walks into a dark NYFD decorated restroom, he looks down and sees that someone wrote "FUCK YOU!" on the mirror.
He gets a closer look at it, where the camera is set up to have the "FUCK YOU!" appear across his forehead. He doesn't seem to move, while his reflection starts to rant over New Yorkers, as if it's not really him saying it, but what he's feeling inside. Spike uses increasingly poignant music to build drama of the scene. He also uses amazing stereotypical imagery to go with what he's saying, giving you the illusion, that you're really there. (ex. Wall street brokers as well as the Benson Hurst Italians obnoxiously screaming in the camera, or the girlfriend seductively dancing, while he talks about how she stabbed him in the back.) The scene draws viewer in by using so many stereotypes, that everybody is guilt of relating to at least once. As they wrap up the scene, it gets more personal, and even closer to home, blaming family and friends. He then realizes that he is the one to blame, and that he really hates himself.
Another great scene is the ending. On the way driving to prison, he encourages him to flee to the west and start a new life. The scene is dipicted of the father's voice over images what could be.
Spike Lee uses these elements to make a great scene:
*The scene starts off on a crowded freeway, then pulls away and fades into wide views of just their car driving across deserts, scenic farmland, and churches.
*Colors get muted again as Monty starts his new life there. When the...