24 Hours Operation - Kfc

1 Executive Summary

Busy lifestyle is the modern condition in the new generation in Hong Kong.   People do not want to waste the time for food processing and dinner time is postponed to midnight.   Therefore, most of the fast food restaurant has developed and the competition is increased.

However, the fast food market become saturated, there have more than 10 catering group in over 1,000 restaurants in Hong Kong, it intensified market competition.   Also, the financial tsunami has invaded the world on 2008.   Therefore, the company should desire the strength to get more market share for business grow or just stay in the current status. (Number of Fast Food restaurant, 2011)

This study aims to investigate KFC in order to suggest the marketing strategy for further development and expansion to KFC and the fast food industry.

This study will focus on investigating KFC local fast food business to desire strategies in extend the operation hours to 24 hours, fight for more business, heightening brand loyalty, and enhancing providing quality food and service delivery to the customers in Hong Kong.

2 Introduction
Nowadays, most of the café, restaurant and convenient shop even McDonald’s are running 24 hours in Hong Kong, it is showing the needs in the market.
Fast Food restaurant means is food prepared and served quickly at a fast-food restaurant or shop at low cost. Fast food is a multi-billion dollar industry which is continuing to grow at a rapid pace in the early 21st century in many countries as fewer people cook at home. (Word iQ.com)

Recently, there is a global working hours survey studied (OECD April, 2011), shows that Hong Kong is the Top 7 of the longest working hours being paid and unpaid per day in the world. In this survey we can see that many Hong Kong people need to work over normal working hours and seldom have dinner at home with family. Therefore, the consumer’s dining behavior has been changed and fast food restaurant demand increase in...