21st Century Security Problems

What are the principle security challenges of the 21st century and
how best can they be managed?

Security refers to when states are comfortable and free from threat, in the international arena this could mean states are economically stable with no concern over their national sovereignty. The security of states could be threatened by numerous factors, the principle ones, being: the continuation and development of terrorist groups, nuclear proliferation and environmental issues. It should be evident that although all these new challenges can threat the world, environment issues is the largest issue as it will have negative knock on effects to all aspects of society if it continues.

Environmental issues are a hugely threatening security issue. They transcend borders meaning it cannot be combated just be one nation. Ergo the environment has been placed much higher on the international agenda over the last fifty years. Scholars discuss the impact of globalisation on the environment differently with some noting that it has made our way of life even more unsustainable whereas others have suggested that it has actually brought the environment to people’s attention. Seen through the increased support for pressure groups and political parties such as Greenpeace and the Green Party respectively. Either way dramatic environmental changes will, unless significantly stalled, have a huge effect on the security of the world. Orthodox international relations theorists believe these huge environmental changes will bring about internal conflicts and ignite problems already under the surface. We have seen the start of the melting of the ice caps in Antarctica, the weakening of the stratosphere and the start of rising sea levels this could all lead to insecurity including; mass migration, water wars etc. Water wars are becoming gradually more likely especially as the “U.S. government intelligence services estimated that there were at least 10 places in the world where war could...