209 Apply Makeup 1a

Aaliyah Westhead
Hair and Media Makeup L2 – M2

209 – Apply Makeup
Task 1a

Task 1a: Produce an information sheet

  * Before the treatment you should carry out a detailed skin analysis, this is when you determine the client’s skin type, skin conditions, and the best way of carrying out the treatment. You will be looking to see if the client has oily or dry skin, if the client has breakouts, if she has red/sensitive skin, or wrinkles. It is very important to carry out a detailed skin analysis as you need to check for anything that may require you to adapt a treatment or refuse due to any contraindications. You may need to adapt the products that you use on the client, for example, you would use an oil-free foundation on an oily skin and a moisturising foundation on a dry skin.

  * You should correctly position yourself and your client during the treatment. It is important because you need to ensure the client is comfortable throughout the treatment so that they have the best experience possible whilst the treatment is taking place, this way they are more likely to recommend you to others and come back for multiple treatments. It is also important to position yourself and the client so that you can easily reach all areas of the face without straining, this keeps you healthy and allows you to carry out the treatment to a high, professional standard.

  * It is important to use the correct products, tools, equipment and techniques during a makeup application because if you use the wrong brush to do the wrong job, for example if you use a contour brush to apply the foundation, the overall look may look ruined – and it is very important to keep the makeup looking perfect or else the client may not come back or recommend you to others. Using the correct products, tools, equipment and techniques is important to looking professional – a makeup artist should know exactly what to do throughout the treatment and if you don’t you will not look professional and...