2010 Onstage Review

What do you get when you take the best Drama performances from the 2009 Higher School Certificate, jam them into a 2 hour session and invite schools from far and wide to attend? A spectacular showcase of talent known as OnSTAGE.

  The Seymour Centre plays host to OnSTAGE ; an annual production of the best HSC Drama performances. Each piece is unique, portraying various views and opinions. It is important to note that the young performers have directed and some have even written their pieces and I must complement them on the extremely high standard.

  Two highlights of OnStage I would like to share in detail are those of The Cause, My Soul from Barker College and Killing Time by Sydney Girls High School. Both of these acts show not only talent and dedication, but also how diverse and different concepts, ideas, scripts and opinions can make great theatre.

  The Cause, My Soul is a theatrical piece by Barker College. Christopher Jones, Lucy O’Brien, Adelle Perry and Ryan Yeomans tell the true tale of the first South African production of Othello, giving us the show as well as the ‘real’ goings on surrounding the production of the play. Fed by issues concerning racism, there is a lot of tension but this was broken by moments of focus, both serious and humorous. For example, when the two male actors act antagonistic, then suddenly become excited and joyous.
  The production took a ‘less is more’ approach in regards to design which I believe to be an excellent decision, as the performance is very physical.
  The storyline was gripping, consistent and easy to follow and unexpectedly clear, considering the ‘play within a play’ concept, which is often difficult to articulate.
  I have never before seen such conviction and belief in character from such young actors. The way in which they convinced was astounding, especiallyconsidering that each actor had multiple roles.
  This clever quad have used a minimalistic approach, using only a few props and using...