201 Communication


1.1: Identify different reasons why people communicate.

Every aspect of a persons life is affected by communication. It is the key element of a persons ability to choose the outcome of their life and the care and support they receive. People use communication to express basic needs, such as food, warmth, medication, personal care etc. It is also how a person can explain themselves emotionally giving them chances to demonstrates such feelings as happiness, love, loss or contentment. People fundamentally communicate to allow them to engage with the outside world, to either engage with the people in it or to give themselves a great opportunity to have access to the chances that are afforded to them.

1.2: Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of working with in adult social care settings.

Adult social care is a job that purely lies within the interactions of a staff member and the service user they are providing care for. Every person deserves to live their life as they wish to do so and as support workers we enable them to do just that. Effective communication allows a person to relate to us and their loved ones what they want, how they wish their care to be provided and the general state they find themselves in. It is also incredibly important in the building of a rapport or bond between a member of staff or service user, in which not only enables effective working practices but also gives an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect which can lead to service users trusting us with more guarded information which could enhance their lives.

1.3: Explain why it is important to observe an individuals reactions when communicating with them.

Only 7% of human communication is verbal. Much of how we relate ourselves to others comes from body language or the tonality of what we say. Therefore it is very important that a care workers we engage in every aspect of a persons communication. The interaction between yourself and...