20 Ton Single Girder Under Running Bridge Crane

20 ton Single Girder Under Running Bridge Crane, 20 ton Single Girder Under Running Bridge Crane for sale

Single Girder Under Running Bridge Crane introduction:
Under running bridge cranes are especially versatile when properly applied. These can be provided in spans exceeding 75 feet and capacities up to 25 tons, although typical spans do not exceed 60 feet with capacities not exceeding 15 tons. These can be provided in CMAA Class A (standby or infrequent service), Class B (light service), Class C (moderate service), or Class D (heavy service). All Tri-State overhead cranes are designed to CMAA specifications.
The construction of these cranes allows interlocking systems where a transfer of the load is required from one bay to the next, transfer to monorail and then onto another crane, or onto a spur. Typically these are provided as patented track design but can also be done with wide flange or standard I-beam construction.

Single Girder Under Running Bridge Crane advantages:
1.Hoist trolley can go underneath runway providing best end approach.
2.System can be integrated into building design for cost saving on runway structure.
3.Freestanding systems are especially rigid due to connection of columns to headers, and headers to the runway.
4.Can be provided interlocking to another crane or monorail.
5.Low headroom design especially with notched bridge beams taking advantage of the depth of the runway.
6.Easier installation thus less install costs.
7.Ease of maintenance.

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