2.4 How Would You Lead the Implementation of Revised Communication Systems and Practices

Introduction of IT systems allowed to improve speed and functionality of communication between manager staff team and service users. In order to implement certain changes I had to ensure that each staff member had an appropriate training around IT and that easy of access to specific information is simplified by using commuter links and centralized database. Any major changes should start with staff consultation during team meetings and supervisions and with detailed presentation of a new systems. As a manager of supported living   I have introduced online medical contact sheets and request book alongside fully digital file systems for each service user. As role of manager is changing and larger amount of house are being allocated to each manager ability to access information from any house or office is crucial. One of the online programs supporting positive outcomes of individuals was Iplanit software that allowed to track progress of planning and execution of Su activities. Implementation of the software and change of the culture had to start with management team for which I have prepared training sessions. Team was divided into two groups: people more computer literate and link workers that were trained in updating and editing tracking tools and rest of the team that that IT abilities were more basic but during supervisions were trained and shown how to update progress that was set up by lead workers. SU were familiarised with that tool and told how to share their outcomes with friends and family. During monthly sessions manager was monitoring progress of staff team and collecting feedback regarding changes needed to be implemented into program.