2.1 Describe Why It Is Important to Adhere to the Agreed Scope of the Job Role. 2.2 Outline What Is Meant by Agreed Ways of Working. Begin by Giving an Overview of What Is Meant by the Term Agreed Was of Working. Write

4229 2.1 2.2 Role of the health and social care worker
It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role because this explains the boundaries of the job role to me. It helps me know what my responsibilities and my role are. Knowing what my job description is enables me to work with care and knowledge to be able to provide our service users with a high quality of care, competence and skills.
Agreed ways of working basically is following the company policy and procedures and working in line with them. The policy and procedures are the rules and legislation that our company set out regarding my job role. All employees are required to work within them and it tells us about the boundaries within our job role as a support worker. Agreed ways of working will also refer to the service users individual care plans as not all service users will need the same type of care. As long as I am working within the agreed ways of working I will be carrying out my job role as agreed. If I do not follow the agreed ways of working I could harm or put myself or the service user in danger and I would be liable for my actions and may be subject to disciplinary procedure. I may not know every word of every policy but I do need to know what policies exist and what they cover so if needs be I can refer to them.