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Tda 2.1   2.1:Describe with examples the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development including: background, health and environment
Development in children can be different from one another even if they are the same age. Children’s development is shaped by both what they are born with and the experiences that they have
Background: Most families suffer stresses from time to time. Children whose parents have verbal conflicts in his/her presence will affect the child’s social, emotional and behavioural development. The child may not be happy to approach or speak to anybody confidently or the child may always behave rudely to his friends or teachers. Might not know, how to speak politely.
Health: Some children are born with a condition that will automatically affect them. A child with Asthma will have breathing difficulties if he/she is very physically active. Hence the child is restrained from running or jumping while his/her friends can. This will affect the child’s physical development. Children may find it harder to make friends because they miss sessions or they physically cannot join in, which again will affect the child’s social, emotional and behavioural Development.
Environment: Children come from different family environments and cultures. A child might be discriminated against because of their family’s race, culture or religion. He/she will find that other people don’t value them, so may lose confidence or they may find that other people have low expectation of what they can achieve. This will affect the child’s social, emotional, behavioural development and also their communication and intellectual development.