Dear students,
Below I have provided the structure for the final examination and also a range of topics you should cover in your study for this exam.   The information provided in this advice is relevant for both the standard (end-of-term) exam in June and for the deferred/supplementary exam in August.

Exam structure:
• Students are required to complete any FIVE (5) short answer questions from a choice of EIGHT (8).   Each question is worth 10 marks for a total of 50 marks.   If more than five (5) questions are answered, only the first five (5) answers will be marked.

• The exam is a 3 hour exam with 15 minutes perusal – ensure you arrive at least 30 minutes before perusal time is due to start and that you have your student identification card with you.

• The exam is Closed Book!   Translation only, non-electronic, dictionaries are allowed, NO other notes.

• Answer all questions in the examination answer booklets provided.   Write clearly, use headings or subheadings if necessary and explain your answers using examples wherever possible.   Ensure you number your answers.   Answer all parts of the question.

How much should you write…?
This exam is worth 50% of your grade so your answers need to demonstrate that you know what you are talking about.   For these short answer questions I would expect around a page or more in length per answer.   However, this is a rough guideline only.   You should write as much or as little as you need to answer the question.   If you can explain your answer in a couple of paragraphs, clearly and concisely then do so.   Equally, if you require more words, then use them.

Look for action words like “Define” or “Outline”, “Explain” or “List”.   If the question asks for “Define and explain” then there are usually marks associated with both parts of the question – marks for a definition and marks associated with the explanation.   If the question suggests there may be a diagram that you can include, then this will also attract...