12 Week Plan

Note: A lot of the exercises (mainly the major compound
exercises) will stay the same throughout the program
because of not only the great advantages these certain
exercises will have in many different ways (inside and outside
of the gym) but also it’s a great way to track your progression
in gaining foundational strength. The main changes in the
program will be the amount of exercises, sets, reps, and also
weight in the changing weeks. You’ll notice that every major
compound movement will work in a pyramid scheme, going
up in weight as you decrease the reps; this will promote not
only the amount of muscle fibers that are involved in the lift
but also you will reap the benefits of gaining strength due to
the constant increase in weight. Also in the program you will
notice that almost every isolation exercise will stay with the
same rep range throughout the 3 – 4 sets. The reason we
keep higher repetitions in the isolation exercises is that we
want to promote not only hypertrophy but also endurance in
the smaller muscle groups (or isolated muscle group). Our
hypothesis is that when dealing with compound exercises,
you don’t want the smaller (secondary) muscles to burn out
and hold you back from lifting heavy and concentrating on
the major muscles involved in the lift.
You will notice at the end of the program the pyramiding
scheme will decrease as the supersets are introduced.
The reason behind this is that we want to concentrate on
muscle strength, density, and endurance in the beginning
and at the end we will concentrate on drawing out the
definition and striations of the fibers.

WEEKS 1 - 3 (Prep Phase)
Monday Chest & Triceps
Incline Barbell Press

4 sets 

15,12,10,8 reps

Barbell Flat Bench

4 sets 

12,10,8,8 reps

Incline Dumbbell Fly

4 sets 

10 reps

Chest Dips (body weight)

4 sets 

15 reps

Standing French Press

4 sets 

12 reps