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Book Review - The Strategist: Be The Leader Your Business Needs

Montgomery, Cynthia. The Strategist: Be the Leader Your Business Needs. London: Collins, 2012. Print.

Cynthia Montgomery, the author of The Strategist: Be The Leader Your Business Needs worked at Harvard Business School as a Timken Professor for more than 20 years. She taught a program called Harvard’s Entrepreneur, Owner, PResident Program (EOP) for more than 5 years to different company sizes   managers from different countries about business strategy, how to be the leader in a field or industry and the study of what a company needs (Montgomery, 192). While Montgomery was teaching the EOP program to corporate and managerial level managers she began asking herself “how and who develops strategies in a business?”. From such teaching experience is how her aspiration for the The Strategist book arise, as a result, Montgomery decided to propagate a different way to approach strategies. (Montgomery, 6).

The Strategist: Be The Leader Your Business Needs is a an outstanding strategy book that directly enhances   leaders such as, entrepreneurs, owners and presidents with only main points. In addition, Montgomery uses true examples as teaching material, providing the audience a vivid experience . Some of the companies that Montgomery used as teaching material were, Masco, IKEA, Gucci and Apple. She used the previous companies’ managers as examples and how they develop and implement strategies successfully   in different aspects. Personally, reading the book was inspiring, seemed a lifelike experience, I imagined myself being one of Montgomery's student at Harvard Business School listening to her lectures about strategies development and how to grow to a strategist. Another reason why the book is vivid is because the last few pages, professor Montgomery provides recommendations, such as, related books consisting on the same field and a list of questions that are frequently asked with short responses that...