10 Trailers Better Than the Actual Movie; or, Why I Might Already Despise Inception

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10 Trailers Better Than the Actual Movie; Or, Why I Might Already Despise Inception
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by Michael Suen | 12:54 pm, July 13th, 2010

With only three days to go before the opening of Christopher Nolan’s mindbender Inception – its hype having escalated to unbearable, volcanic levels — I can only feel … disgruntled at the deluge of previews Warner Bros. still smashes into my eyeballs at every turn, whether on the computer at my office, or on a TV screen at home, or on a giant building as I attempt an innocuous stroll down the street. One of the more recent trailers, though admittedly awesome, pretty much introduced every major character. This is part of the marketing effort toward the mass of moviegoers, which FilmDrunk reports is a big concern:

Director of the Dark Knight, Leonardo DiCaprio, huge budget — easy sell, right?   Well apparently, the marketing people are having a hard time with it.   Because these days, people only know how to sell stuff they’ve already seen other people sell.   Inception?   Sounds risky.   How about a Knight Rider reboot?

We daresay trailers have often worsened our moviegoing experience. Does anybody even remember the sheer joy and suspense of entering a movie cold? Admittedly, if Inception doesn’t do well, then these sort of original, cerebral films (if reviews are to be believed) won’t get the big budget go-ahead in the future. So it is important that people’s curiosity is piqued; but still, is it just too much?

1. The Strangers (2009)

The Trailer: Slides of...