1. What Are Some of Your Hopes and Dreams for the Future?

Hope is something you look forward to with the desire and reasonable confidence or trust. Dreams are an aspiration or goal.  

Some of my hopes and dreams for the future are to become more educated so I can support my family.   To hope is to dream and to dream is to make a reality.  
Since I was a little boy I have always dream about college and what college life would be like.   As I grew older and wiser, I started to see things a little differently, not only was college and experience of living away from home but a great opportunity to move forward in my education.   As I look at the world today, the working world has become more competitive then ever before.   A college degree is more crucial now every. As I approached my senior year; I knew I   had to get into a excellent college so I could have a greater chance of my dreams coming true.    
My dream is to become a great investor and a successful leader for today’s America.   My vision is to major in a degree that would help me advance today technology.
As a young man thinking of what I wanted to do with my life, being an entrepreneur was first on my mind.   My dream is become a successful entrepreneur would enable me not only to own my business but give back to the community.   I know I cannot procure my life-long dream of establishing my own company, unless I take the first step, and that’s getting into college.   I dream of making a huge contribution to our world of technology.   To me, there is nothing more exciting, glorious, or thrilling than to start something from scratch and watch it grow into a thriving into a successful enterprise.  
Therefore, my hopes or what I look forward to doing with confidence and dream or aspire to do is making a contribution to this society, whether big or small.