1.Assess the Contribution of Albert Speer to His Period of National History.

History HSC Assessment Task 3 2016
1.Assess the contribution of Albert Speer   to his period of national history.

Albert Speer contributed to his period   of national history in four main ways; his contribution to the second world war as armaments minister, his contribution to the consolidation of Nazi power in Germany as an effective architect, his architectural designs while being the architect of the Reich, and also Speer reverting of the 'scorched earth' directive by Hitler, Speer not only made the difference by his brilliant architecture but also through his efficiency and management.
Albert Speer potentially changed history for Germany by his architectural work for the Nazis. An example of this is Speer's work for the Nuremberg rally 1937[1] commonly called 'the cathedral of light' or 'the cathedral of ice'. In this Speer was able to effectively propagate Nazi propaganda and leave a lasting impression on people such as the British ambassador Sir Neville Henderson who said “solemn and beautiful… like being in a cathedral of ice.”[2]. The cathedral of light also brought more people to the following rallies as word spread, this meant that more people were exposed to the Nazi propaganda.
Another place where Speer's architectural plans made history was the planning and constructing of the city Germania. Germania was a city designed to show the greatness of Germany and to dwarf the splendour of other cities of other countries such as Paris or London, destined to be opened by 1950. Speer planned a five kilometre avenue leading through the city to a domed hall many times the size of St. Peter's basilica in Rome, also with   having a huge 6000 seat cinema[3]. Germania showed Speer's efficiency in big projects and reflected the Nazi ideology of the conquering of such huge tasks. Albert Speer contributed to history with the planning of Germania as he reflected Nazism and the will of Hitler, Speer had planned and had started to build something so great for Germany...