1.3 State Points of Referral Available to Meet the Potential Needs of Learners

1.3 State points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners

To find out the points of either internal or external   referrals concerning   the learners;   in my role as a music teacher means that this is done either by the use of a training needs analysis (TNA) through questionnaires,   practical observations,   assessments/test   and   through discussions with learners.

In order to facilitate or decide between internal and external leaner needs referrals I like to devise questionnaires that would include the following points:

  * Questions surrounding current understanding of various topics such as music notation, timing, rhythm, melody
  * Practical understanding application to instrument   such as tuning the guitar, bass or rhythm guitar
  * Strumming a basic chord (shape)rhythm on the guitar accurately in a slow accurate pulse  

The above examples would indicate levels by radio buttons relating to excellent, very good, good and fair to poor. This would outline current understanding and ability of each learner.
Further to this, there are many excellent online forums that I refer learners to try and encourage them to build knowledge and share good practice in learning techniques. This enables learners to be dynamically included in this progressive approach as opposed to becoming stagnant without, so it is a good referral as many of the learners have their own computers which they can access as a referral information option.

The difference between the internal and external points of referrals are that I have a number of resources such as tuition books, handouts, videos via projector and DVD’s for learners to use in class but external points are but additional, much broader in the sense that there is a huge selection of professional audio, visual musical books, DVD material available at music shops and online music stores. In addition to this, there are addition to intermediate to advanced dedicated, one to one instrument qualified...