1.2 Summarise the Relevant Policy and Age-Related Expectations of Learners Relevant to Literacy Development in the Setting.

I was running away! I had enough of Gran nagging me. Mum was dead! Dad said that he needed time to recover from the loss of Mum. So now I’m here with Gran. I don’t have any friends here and I have decided to go back to Dad. I miss mum, I knew if she was here she would not ever send me to stay with Gran.
            I packed all my things and crept slowly and quietly towards the door. I made sure I opened the door very quietly because my Gran had such sharp ears that she could hear a pin drop even though she is sleeping. I padded down the stairs and I could hear Gran snoring. Once I reached the landing I put my boots and my duffel coat on. I opened the front door and ran out all the way down the lane.        
Then BANG! I had tripped over something cold. I reached for my bag and took out my emergency torch; I could see an egg like shape with small little cracks it was dark blue and was glistening in the beam of the torch. Then I felt a sting of pain I only realised now as I had grazed my knees badly and now it was bleeding. I had to go back to Gran’s house because I could hardly walk with my bruised knee and the train station is miles away I had no hope now of getting back to dad.
              I got up with my rucksack then I thought what I should do with that ice blue egg? I decided to take it with me. I picked it up and my hands froze! It was freezing cold but I did not dare to drop it, if I did I would probably wake the whole street just limped home carrying the egg. As I opened the door Gran was their standing in front of me wearing her night gown I quickly hid the egg. So I behind my back, I just could not believe it!
            “What do you think you’re doing out here young lady at this time of night” Gran had said. I stammered. Get inside Gran said loudly at with that she marched towards the kitchen her night gowns tail whipping for one side to the other. In that gap of time I dragged my rucksack in and the egg shut the front door limped up the stairs...