1.1 Explain the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Education and Training

Level 3Award in Education and Training
Unit 1 (H/505/0053)

      1.1 Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training

The teacher’s role is to communicate their subject, using various mediums that engage the learner with what is being taught and fully involves’s   them in each teaching session. To do this, we need to identify the students learning style and if they have any special needs. The teaching style of a student and any possible special needs are ascertained by information gathered through the application form, pre-course interview, questionnaires, and initial lesson ice breakers. With the information gathered about the learner the teacher will have a general idea if the student is a visual, audio/aural, reading/writing or kinesthetic learner (VARKS). The social, physical, intellectual, cultural and economic background of the student (SPICE) will also give information to the teacher, that will determine the best methods of communicating the material to them.

The combination of the VARKS and SPICE assessment of the learner will help the teacher prepare individual learning plans and determinations about any barriers to learning that may need to be addressed. The scheme of work is then designed around the syllabus and the learners needs. After this point, the teacher will determine what Is going to be done with the students, and the course length. Then the lesson plans need to be prepared and the length of time of each session decided. The teacher   will determine the best resources and teaching methods to use, and how the room layout and seating plan will set to create the best, safe and supportive learning environment possible.

The venue is important, as this will have a direct effect on the learning experience of the student. The temperature in the room where the teaching is taking place is also essential to the learner’s ability to concentrate and learn; another is the lighting in the room, also things like the...