1.1 Explain the Teaching Role and Responsibilities in Education and Training

The roles of the teacher or trainer is to provide an informative and interesting way of projecting the information needed by having a well laid out plan incorporating the teaching circle, 1. Identifying Need 2. Planning and Design 3. Delivery and Facilitation 4. Assessment 5. Evaluation, also being motivational, approachable and engaged to complete the course being given to students, keeping the whole class involved while being professional and with integrity.
There is a responsibility to be knowledgeable about subject, keeping up to date in case of any course criteria updates or revisions. The teacher or trainer responsibilities are carry out relevant administrative requirements, communicate appropriately and effectively with the learners, comply with regulatory requirements, legislations, policies procedures and codes of practice, being fair and ethical, ensuring learners are on the right course and level, maintaining records and confidentiality and taking part in assurance processes and external inspections.
Before a course begins in is always good practice and professional for the teacher or trainer to arrive before the learners this would help to identify the location of the course to help give a safe, positive and accessible learning environment looking at appropriate space, amenities such as toilets, kitchen or where to go for and drink, ease of access and egress, comfort and safety i.e.: emergency evacuation procedure, fire escapes and assembly points, when all arrived it’s good to set a few ground rules, breaks, mobile phones for example also maybe set an icebreaker to get people interacting this way you can start assessing the learners straight away looking at who confidence and knowledge etc.